Every month or so, Apple releases an iOS update and iPhone users would proudly update to the new software, knowing that it would help, improving the performance of the device. However a few days ago, Apple said that it artificially reduces older iPhones to accommodate the old battery. iPhone owners were always found believing that Apple would slow down older iPhones to drive new sales but this was something no one expected.

Apple reportedly said that it only does this so that old iPhone batteries can run smoothly on iPhones. And with every update, the clock speeds of the iPhones were reduced to consume less and less battery.

But not everyone appreciates such truth, as many across the globe have filed lawsuits against Apple for slowing down older iPhones so they would buy new ones.

Apple apologized for iPhone slowdown drama. They posted an apology on their website. Apple says it will offer 29$ battery replacements for a year .In the letter Apple says that batteries are “consumable components”, meaning something that with the passage of time and daily use, reduces. And is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 or later a battery replacement for 29$. These prices would go in effect from late January to December 2018. ( A discount of 50$ from the usual replacement cost ).

But Why was Apple doing something so abrupt ?

Apple a year ago announced this change in performance, along with iOS 10.2.1 . With new updates iPhone 6 had unexpected shutdowns as the battery could not provide enough power to the processor which caused the iPhone to crash. Apple also continues to insist that it never artificially slowed down iPhones, just managing the phone performance to maximize the lifespan of iPhone batteries. Processor speed is just one part of the battery and performance management perplex, according to Apple older iPhones with older batteries may also be affected with dimmed out screens, have lower maximum speaker volumes, and even have their camera flashes disabled when the system needs more peak power than the battery can provide. But other core features like cellularity, GPS, and camera effect are not affected. Apple says the whole approach is quite clever, but cleverness isn’t a great substitute for speed.


In its letter, Apple says “we’ve always wanted our customers to able to use their iPhones as long as possible.” But whatever is the scenario, they still have a long way to go, rebuilding the trust of their customers.


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