Joshua Adam Schulte , a 29-year-old former CIA programmer who was charged with possession of child pornography last year has now been charged with masterminding the largest leak in the agency’s history.

He is the the person who developed malware to help CIA breaking into adversaries computers, he was  indicted Monday by the Department of Justice on 13 charges of allegedly stealing and transmitting the CIA documents and their software projects.

Schulte has also been suspected of leaking the stolen documents to WikiLeaks, who then published the classified information in March 2017 in a series of leaks under the name “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks.

Vault 7 describes CIA secret cyber weapons and other spying techniques that are used to break into cameras, mobiles, computers and even televisions.

According to the indictment, after stealing the classified documents, Schulte tried to cover his tracks by altering a computer operated by the US Intelligence Agency to grant him unauthorized access to the system in March and June of 2016 and then deleting records of his activities and denying others access to the system.
In March 2017, during when WikiLeaks began releasing some of the CIA hacking tools, the FBI agents searched Schulte’s apartment as part of an ongoing investigation to find the mastermind behind the Vault 7 leaks.

Hive source code(One of spying software)



FBI found pictures of child pornography on a server he created in 2009 while he was a student. Schulte was arrested in August 2017 with possession of child pornography, but prosecutors had been unable to bring charges of “disclosure of the classified information” against him until now.

Following is the list of charges on him

  • illegal transmission of lawfully possessed national defense information,
  • illegal transmission of unlawfully possessed national defense information,
  • unauthorized access to a computer to obtain classified information,
  • theft of Government property,
  • unauthorized access of a computer to obtain information from a Department or Agency of the United States,
  • illegal gathering of national defense information,
  • causing transmission of a harmful computer program, information, code, or command,
  • making material false statements to representatives of the FBI,
  • obstruction of justice,
  • possession of child pornography,
  • transportation of child pornography,
  • receipt of child pornography,and
  • copyright infringement.

He has denied to Child pornography and has denied his involvement in Vault 7 case. The prosecution of this case is being handled by the Office’s Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit.



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