everyone is crazy about his/her social life on web Aren’t you?. Everyone wants to be popular on social networking sites and web. What you actually want is to have more likes, followers and comments. That’s actually what makes you happy but there are some bad guys out there known as the hacker that actually takes advantage of your happiness. Now you would be thinking that what am I talking about ?.This is where we are scammed by hackers. They use social engineering techniques for gaining access to your login credentials.

Let’s see how to be secure from such scams.

1. How To Detect Scams:

  • Some of us are fascinated by the ads on the pages displaying something eye-catching. We shouldn’t open such ads unless they are from some trusted site etc.
  • While Surfing on the web we sometimes open links that are created by the hackers for scams. First of all, we should try to avoid opening the shortened URLs. They sometimes ask for your login details when you want to access some data online. So, don’t ever provide the login details on other sites except for the site itself or trusted sites such as Instagram etc.

2. How To Detect And avoid Phishing:

Phishing is a term used by the Hackers. Phishing is actually the technique to obtain the sensitive information such as username, passwords etc.
Here I will show you how hackers use to scam users to get their sensitive details.
For example, you are crazy for getting free likes on your Facebook pics and posts and your or someone sends you the link for facebook auto like such as So, I will open this link below so that you can clearly understand how it works.

1-Opening The Link:

By opening the link following page would be displayed:

Now it seems like it really is the Facebook Autoliker Page by Looking at the User Interface of the page but It is the Phishing page.

2-Observing The Link:

The link we entered in the browser was after that we are redirected to the original URL address of the phishing page which is As you can see in the image below:

This URL address was actually shortened by the attacker. So, that we can’t doubt that it is a scam.

3-Entering The Details:

Now we will enter the details to check how does it actually works.

Here is the detail I entered into it and pressed the login button. And what it actually did was that it redirected me to the original Facebook Page.

4-Viewing The Details:

Now I will enter the URL address on the Phishing Page Where will Your Login credentials. The URL is as shown in the figure below:

It will show me the login attempts and the victims passwords and emails. As shown in the figure below:

This clearly Shows us how the Hackers scams us to steal our Login Credentials.

Try the above process and use the links above in order to get the better understanding. As I created it myself.

These type of scams are also used to get your Bank Account details, personal details, login credentials of other sites etc.

So follow the above instructions and stay safe. Stay tuned for other exciting posts.

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Ahmad Ishaq
I am Pentester andNetwork-Security-Researcher. Love to develop malware and find vulnerabilities in Web-Applications and Networks.


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