GOD Password! what on earth is that?
This might be the first thing on your mind after havin’ a look at the title or you might be thinking, I’ve gone crazy. No, I haven’t but the bad-guy, who wants to guess your password, will go crazy after you have applied these awesome techniques to make a GOD Password. [GOD Password means a password never to be seen or guessed by any wrong-guy just like GOD is invisible to all of us.]
Setting a password is not a hard job but setting a hard password surely is. So, We’ve gathered some techniques to let you set a hard password, easy way.

4Nursery Rhymes Technique

Its one of the craziest password generation techniques. You have to

type the first character of each word of your favourite nursery rhyme as your password optionally followed by your custom word.

This way “Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are” can be set as ‘ ttl5hiwwy@ ‘.
Note that you can replace any character of the password with your custom word just like ‘s’ from “star” is replaced by ‘5’ and ‘a’ from “are” is replaced by ‘@’.

3Favourite Line from Song or a Book

This technique says that type the first character of each word of your favourite line from movie or a book as your password

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

from “Animal Farm”
can be converted to ‘aaaebsaameto’.

2Personal Numbers Technique

Personal Numbers like personal dates and numbers which are already in your memory can be converted to passwords. This way a person’s date of marriage “22-12-2017” and his house no “321-A Street 15” can be converted as : ‘ 2017-12-2215A321

1Keyboard Pattern Technique

A pattern of keys sequence followed by some numbers and special characters can also be used to generate max security password.
Above shown pattern can be coded as ‘ 3waxcvgy789-= ‘.
You can generate such a technique also. What are you waiting for? Applying some of these techniques and get a GOD password for yourself.

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