Don’t you have an FB account? C’mon! you do know that FB stands for Facebook. Yes, Facebook, the popular website you use to connect with your friends, family, and everyone on the internet and it surely requires a password to log in. This password is your key to Facebook and it should be the strongest you can make. Trust me, Facebook account hacks are getting common these days.

Lets’ see how can you protect yourself from a deadly Facebook account hack.

1. Create Strong Password

Never have a password as common as “pakistan123”. Being a Web Security Researcher, I’ve seen many of the web users to have passwords like this. If I were one of them, my FB password would’ve been “fahad123” or “fahad1997” maybe. But I’m not! So don’t even think of trying these to my FB account. My passwords are already strong enough.

Here’s a bit of advice you could use:
  • Always use a password which is a combination of different small & capital letters, numbers, and special characters e.g. ‘ $ometh!ng@9854 ‘.
  • Never ever, and I mean it, use your name, date of birth, pet name and your phone number in a password. Use words which are easier to remember for your and harder to guess for any other person.
  • Never write your password on a sticky notepad or memo to leave it at the desk. Seriously, What good use of a  secure password is when you have attached its note to the computer desk at the end.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Don’t look confused at the term “Two-Factor Authentication”. Two-Factor Authentication is an additional security service to check that it’s really you logging in, by sending you an SMS pin, every time you log in to your FB account. So it is just a plus for you.

And how to activate it ??? Is this what you are thinking. I’ve got you covered.

1-Click the drop-down arrow and select Settings.

2- Select Security and Login tab and click on Use two-factor authentication.

3- Click on Add Phone  Text Message section to add your phone number.

4- Select your country and enter your Phone number to receive login approval codes via SMS on each login from an unknown device.

All set. You are ready to surf Facebook without any worries.


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Fahad Yousaf Mahar
I am a computer science student and an aspiring Web Application Security Expert with experience in web development and robust web application frameworks. I am fluent in PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, Urdu, Punjabi and English. When I'm not coding I love to explore poetry


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