If you have a bank account then you surely have an ATM card provided to you by your bank. This ATM card lets you withdraw cash from an Automated Teller Machine even at midnight when no bank is open and no cashier is present. Bank staff also needs sleep obviously ?.

The ATM card will let you withdraw cash from any ATM near you but you have to use it safely. So let’s see what to do before you use an ATM card.

ATM Location:

ATM Location matters a lot. Pick an ATM which is fixed at crowded places such as malls, bazars etc. Never go for an ATM which is hardly visited by a human being. A good crowded location is very safe as no robber would try to snatch your money in an area full of people. He definitely doesn’t wanna get caught.?

Lock ATM from inside:

More than often, an ATM door has an internal lock which can be used by ATM user to lock from inside so that no person can enter the ATM cabin when you are using it.

Check Card Insertion Point:

Look for any unusual device or breakage as it is often done while tampering with ATM machine. Some clever robbers place a device on card insertion point to read your card data so that they can replicate your card after you have used. Often a tiny camera is also placed above keypad to keep track of your ATM PIN. Always check the card insertion point by shaking it with little pushes to the sideways.

Exit Safely :

After cash withdrawal, leave the ATM in a safe way by looking outside from glass door for any suspicious¬† person. Always put your cash in your cash bag, wallet or pocket before leaving the ATM. Never leave ATM with currency ?¬†in your hand if you don’t want it to be snatched from you.


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