Do you think that your iPhone has the maximum security well think again!

Recently a hacker named Matthew Hickey, co-founder of Hacker House discovered a method to break the passcode of iPhone. iPhone allows limited number of pass entries and after that data is erased and phone is locked if pass is entered incorrect several times. Matthew bypassed the limit of these entries too. According to him, instead of entering combinations of multiple four or six-digit codes, a single long string with various supposed codes (without spaces) will bypass the limit. This can be done by connecting the device to a computer.

He demonstrated his work in his video on twitter

Glitch is in the Os so it is applicable on iPhone and iPod. In the comments he revealed that he has already aware the company about the issue.

As his work shows, bypassing the data erase feature in any device requires it to be connected to a computer. This secures the iOS 12 users with the USB Restricted Mode that simply limits a USB connection for the charging purpose only.

Apple hasn’t said anything about the bug, that means patch is still not released and if you are an iPhone user you need to be very careful and prevents others from physical access to your iPhone.


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