Cyber attacks on health care centers are still on the move. The latest attacks on Med associates resulted in data breach and all information of more than 270,000 people was compromised. The data breach was done in March 2018 but it has been recently announced. An unusual activity was spotted in March and investigation was started and now they have concluded that some hackers had the access to their workstations and personal data of the patients has been breached.

According to Times Union, the breach data may include approximately 270,000 patient records. And, as confirmed by Med Associates’ official notification on its website, this may also include personal details. Their statement was

“It was determined that the unauthorized party accessed the workstation and through that, may have had access to certain personal and protected information. While our investigation is ongoing, we have determined that that information that may have been accessible from the workstation would have included patient names, date of birth, address, dates of service, diagnosis codes, procedure codes and insurance information, including insurance ID Number.”

They told the affected patients by mails and on their site following message

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are informing individuals whose personal and health information may have been involved by mailing a letter to their last known address. Since it is possible we have outdated contact information for some individuals, we are also providing this notice on our website as required by HIPAA.”

But the good thing here is that no misuse of breach was observed and they confirmed that

“There was no banking or credit card information contained on or accessible from the workstation. Additionally, we are currently not aware of any misuse of patient protected health or personal information.”

Health care centers too are not safe now a days.


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