Selena Gomez is an American singer, actress and producer and has fan page following of about more than 139 million followers on Instagram. As a famous star she has been victim of being hacked many times and it seems like she never takes her security too seriously.

Selena Gomez’s accounts were hacked back in 2015, 2016 and last year during the instagram hack inappropriate pictures of her Ex boyfriend were posted on her instgram and recently a 21  year old has been charged for hacking into Selena,s email account,  This news was disclosed by press releases.

21 year, Susan Atrach, of Ridgefield Park was found guilty and she confessed that she has been breaking her privacy and using her accounts during the past two years.

Atrach is expected to be arraigned by August 27, the release said.”She is going to surrender here in LA,” on or before that date, in order to avoid a potentially protracted extradition process, a spokesman for the DA’s office told The Post.

She can get nine years and eight month prison in California and she is expected to surrender in Los Angels. The procecutors has recommended to set bail of about $250,000. The case is still under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Investigation.

However, Selena and her team hasn’t commented about all this stuff.

Celebrities has always been the target of the hackers and so are the common people so everyone should be careful about their social media security. Always use Two-Factor verification on your accounts and most of such hacks are performed using social engineering mostly phishing attacks so be do take precautions before opening a suspicious link and don’t provide your personal informations on unrecognized platforms. Use strong passwords that include special characters so that its difficult for the hacker to crack it.



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