A ransomware is a malicious software that usually block your access to your data by encrypting the data or steals your data and threatens to publish it, the attackers behind this software demand nothing but bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.

Thanatos ransomware is one of the ransomwares that wasn’t successful enough as there are faults in this ransomware. The files were not decrypted even after the user paid the money in bitcoins. It was caused due to some flaws in the code or the attackers don’t want to give the data back. Well the source of expanding of this ransomware is discord servers platform mostly as discovered by Cisco Talos.

Cisco’s report stated

“In investigating the distribution mechanisms being used by the attacker to infect victims and remove their ability to access data on their system, we identified an interesting campaign that indicated that at least in this particular case, the attacker had no intention of providing any sort of data decryption to the victim”

Cisco Talos has successfully developed a software that can decrypt your data and remove that Thanatos ransomware for free. Cisco Talos has been working on this and has succeeded  to protect users from this ransomware attack. So users no longer has to pay bitcoins and money to get their files decrypted and its source code is available on Github .

To decrypt the data you need to download the decyrpt software and you will be required the services of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Once it has started decrypting it will decrypt the all types of files of image , Videos ,audio video, zip and documents. A Victims who is demanded money in bitcoins is getting his work done for free what else  he needs, no matter how much time it takes in decryption.





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