A bug is never just a mistake.

It represents something bigger. An error of thinking. That makes you who you are.
- Mr.Robot Season 1 Episode 3

End of Bugs

Let us grab'em all. We'll look for bugs and insecure code practices from your code.

Secure Connections

Secure your services with our high-end security systems for data connections.

Firewalls & SSL Layers

Be at Peace. Let us worry about firewalls, malwares and targeted attacks.

webapplication Security

We specialize in webapp Security and Web Data Risks assessment

With the increasing cyber crimes, Cybersecurity companies have become an imperative partner of small and large organizations. To stop universal cyber threats, Stalkers' Security contributes its exceptional services in great speed. No matter, what form of cyber security services are requiring, Stalkers'Security provides protection in every point of vulnerability. Stalkers'Security provides a complete range of services and solutions to simplify cybersecurity by identifying threats, defining the optimal strategy, ensuring operational readiness and deployment of the right technology to protect your company and business. Comprehensive services and capabilities provide every aspect of security solutions to design effective protected system. Managed security solutions are optimal for complex information challenges. So, turn to Stalkers' Security for every sort of security assistance.

Our Anti-Hack Services

Have a look at our cyber security services


Web Security Audit will assist the website from falling prey to hacker’s tactics. No matter how exceptionally your website is coded, the host equipment will be at risk and face dangerous vulnerabilities.


Frequent network security audit lets the organization to review security stance which will identify risk factors, and categorize the severity as well as the priority level


MobileApp security Audit is perfect to find out imperfections in any of the MobileApplications by foreseeing the possibilities for upcoming threats and provide reliable measures to fight the attacks


The vulnerability analysis service will find flaws in code and will weigh the considerations along with the complexities.


On successful assessment, we provide report in a regular and simple way which makes it easier for you and other experts to find the specific information according any flaws and vulnerabilities and ways to fix them.


Stalkers'Sec will fix all the vulnerabilities and bugs found in vulnerability assessment to ensure that your business is not open to any devastating attacks.


Stalkers'Sec will make sure that all your secure and information critical and they are in compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NESA COMPLIANCE APP, HIPAA COMPLIANCE and COBIT COMPLIANCE.


We provides security incident response service to assist the organization to investigate and recover cyber incidents investigate and define objectives of the situation, Recover data, systems, and connectivity.


Stalkers'Sec will harden your system by assessing secure configuration and automatic source-code reviews. It'll help your systems stay strong against any kind of vulnerabilities and attacks.

Stalkers' Security

is all you need to get your cyber-space secure

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  • Website Penetration Monitoring
  • Online Live TV Service Security

FAST NUCES University

  • Student Portal Audit
  • NVR Camera System Audit
  • Admission System Audit

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Ahmed Ishaq
Network Analyst & Vulnerablity Expert
Fahad Yousaf
Webapp & Server Analyst
Web Technologies Auditor
Sannan Khalid
OS & Social Media Expert