Car Connectivity Consortium(CCC), an organization is working on a project to convert your smart phones into car keys. This work is estimated to be completed at  the end of this year and car keys will no more be used in 2019.

Companies like Apple, BMW, Gemalto, General Motors, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Volkswagen will be using this technology in future. This will include the lock, unlock, start and share access to vehicles from smart devices as developers across industries tool-up to build the NFC based functionality into new cars and handsets. The specification provides a generalized deployment method that allows vehicle OEMs to securely transfer a digital key implementation to a smart device, using an existing Trusted Service Manager (TSM) infrastructure, the CCC said in its release statement.

There will be versions of releases and every time new advanced versions will be released. Release 2.0 specification is said to be delivered in starting of 2019. CCC members are also talking up the potential for far more efficient utilisation of vehicles because multiple sets of keys will no longer be necessary for more than one person to get access.

The negative affects that will take place are like you might not be able to share car, rent car, and fleet management will also be affected.

Although this technology is already used by some of the companies but still they are some security issues and are not completely safe to use. CCC is working to make it more safe and more secure.


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