cleaner is a popular antivirus for Windows, mac and smart phones and used almost by 2 billion people, these users trust them for the protection from viruses like Trojans, viruses, malicious software and monitoring software. What if i tell you that they them self are monitoring on you and your system.

CCleaner was sold to Avast and way back it was much better before. CCleaner suffered massive malware attack infecting almost 2.3 million users. Hackers got into their server and replaced the original product with malicious one. In their latest release CCleaner 5.45 released in July they added a force monitoring and heartbeat feature that monitors the system of client and collects data.

“We reserve the right to store and use the information collected by our software and to share such information among the Avast Group to improve our current and future products and services, to help us develop new products and services, and to better understand the behavior of our users.”

CCleaner’s privacy policy admits that it can share user data with 3rd party organisations.

“We reserve the right to store and use the information collected by our software. We may publish or share that information with third parties that are not part of the Avast Group, but we will only ever do so after anonymizing the data.”

On receiving complaints and to stop the anger of the users company released the following note. Hope they follow what they said.

“We will separate out Active Monitoring (junk cleaning alerts and browser cleaning alerts), and heartbeat (anonymous usage analytics) features in the UI, and we will give you the ability to control these individually.”

Now you know what antivirus software can do rather than only scanning and removing virus. Do some research before downloading such software. Try to stay away from viruses so you don’t need a monitoring software (i mean antivirus :p ).


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